Evangelical Leaders Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn Host Mega International Conference in the UK!

Ministers from around the world will converge on London for edification, Christ Embassy illumination, divine empowerment and a redefining experience with the Holy Spirit at the first of its kind World Evangelism Conference hosted by the esteemed Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn.

The inaugural World Evangelism Conference is set to take place August 9th-11th at the SSE Arena in Wembley, London, UK. The event will be hosted by the visionary Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, DSC, DD, President of LoveWorld Inc. and lead pastor of Christ Embassy, and Pastor Benny Hinn, President and founder of Benny Hinn Ministries. The momentous event is sponsored in part by the International School of Ministry.

The event will be a global convergence of religious leaders ready to be launched into new and higher levels of maximum impact in their efforts of soul-winning and evangelism. Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny, whose combined ministrations have led millions to receive salvation through the saving grace of God, pledge to empower attendees to receive increased grace and build a more effective ministry.


The highly-anticipated World Evangelism Conference will provide an exceptional opportunity for fellowship in God and the Holy Spirit with the preeminent evangelist leaders of our time. Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny are responsible for the salvation of millions of souls through their efforts to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the healing power of God’s message. Event attendees will be trained and equipped with divine strategies for effective evangelism, helping them to spread the glorious word of God to the people of their home nation and around the world.

“I’m so expectant to be catapulted to a higher level in the understanding of the Word of God. It’s always a great time to meet the man of God, Pastor Chris. To all ministers of the Gospel, I invite you to attend this Conference, your ministry will never remain the same again!” Pastor Sandrina Ramiandrasoa of Full of Grace Ministry in Madagascar said in anticipation of attending the World Evangelism Conference.

Together Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny will impart their wisdom and explore inspirational discourse with those seeking to soar to greater heights in their own ministry and life. The conference schedule will include breakout sessions, plenary sessions, workshops, exhibitions, a welcome luncheon, an awards ceremony and much more. In addition to ministering and changing lives, these celebrated pastors will help their fellow ministers get ahold of God’s grace and take it to the ends of the Earth.


Expectations are high for the first-ever World Evangelism Conference and Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny are sure not to disappoint. The two pastors have ministered side by side on several occasions including last year’s successful ‘Your Loveworld’ Praise-a-Thon held in Israel. When these two world-renowned spiritual leaders come together the atmosphere is electrified, and the stage is set for miracles to take place.

Pastor Ernest Yugos Derah of Supreme Fire Ministries in the United Kingdom expressed his chris pastor own hopes in attending of the conference stating, “My expectation is to meet with the man of God, Pastor Chris, and receive the unction to enable me to function in the House of God and reach out to the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. My expectation is also to receive impartation from the man of God.”

Other prominent ministers of the Gospel from around the world are also slated to minister God’s powerful Word at the World Evangelism Conference. The momentous occasion will be the first of its kind in providing church pastors and leaders for training, equipping and impartation for fervent soul-winning – leading those who are lost towards the guiding light of the Lord Jesus Christ for their salvation.

According to Christ Embassy, this landmark Conference has been specially orchestrated by the Spirit of God for Global Evangelism Awakening and to ignite a fresh zeal, fire and ceflix.org/videos/watch/6432/the-traditional-wedding-of-sharon-oyakhilome-and-phillip-frimpong/goodgospelplaylist passion for relentless soul-winning and evangelism in all the nations of the world. As Pastor Chris has said, “If you want to see growth in your church, make sure your members are full of the Holy Ghost. If they are full of the Holy Ghost, you will not have to beg them to win souls; they will be bold to win souls because the Holy Spirit makes you bold.”


For those who cannot attend the World Evangelism Conference, there are steps that can be taken to make a difference in your life and the lives of others by being an effective witness for the Lord. Learn the Gospel and following its guiding principles in your daily life through obedience, integrity and authentic faith. The foundation of effective soul-winning is the ability to build bridges to others – finding common ground leadership.ng/2019/01/01/fala-future-african-leaders-award-ceremony-a-night-of-pride-for-nigerias-former-president-and-pastor-chris-oyakhilome/ to relate to people in order to share Christ with them.

According to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, “As a minister of the Gospel, you’re the light of the world, but you’ll never know how brightly your light could shine until you go to those living in darkness. You’ll never know how powerful the gifts of God in your life are until you go to those in the shadow of death. So, get committed to preaching the Gospel and inspiring your brethren to do the same.”

Christ Embassy has provided a wealth of pertinent information for those attending the World Evangelism Conference. Their website includes important transportation and communication bible scriptures advice, as well as recommendations for hotel accommodations and restaurant options in the area of the SSE Arena in Wembley. With the event attracting religious leaders from around the world, the church has also helped facilitate visa applications and requests for those who require them.

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